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Every baby deserves to wear 100% natural

Our farm is situated in the mountains inland from the Kaikoura Coast amongst steep tussock-covered hills where our 2000 Saxon merinos graze. Once a year these sheep are gathered together for shearing and the beginnings of our next seasons garments. The fleeces are carefully sorted and only the strongest, longest, brightest fleeces are kept to process into yarn. I work closely with our talented knitters discussing patterns and colours to make decisions for our baby and toddler knitwear range. Rob on the other hand is deciding which stud rams will have the right attributes to father the lambs that will start next year’s wool clip.

From the farm gate our bales of merino travel to Christchurch for processing into a specialised yarn suitable for our baby and toddler knitwear. Lambing begins on Isolation at the end of September when the Winter weather has hopefully past and the Spring has begun to warm the soils and the grasses and herbs are growing. Saxon Merinos are an ancient breed, growing a superfine, supreme fibre to withstand harsh climates and weather changes. They are a hardy smaller sheep with attitude and instincts intact. A big proportion of Isolation is unfenced and Saxons are living in their natural state and let us muster them once a year to be shorn. The Saxons have been bred and selected to suit our farm conditions. Because of the isolated position of the farm we are able to run our sheep with minimal chemical inputs.

At Isolation we pride ourselves in our personal touch and enjoy speaking with our customers. Noted for their conformation, constitution and attitude These sheep produce a very long, superfine, bright fibre, with a unique elasticity and bulk, highly sought after by the textile industry to produce fashion garments for the discerning. The Merino is an ancient breed of sheep originating in North Africa, before being moved to Spain and the rest of the world. I continually hear delightful stories of little ones that develop an attachment with Isolation garments – loving the touch and comfort of merino. Be in quick to geth these mainstay jerseys every baby deserves to wear 100% natural fibre for example the wee boy who started school and leaves his blankie in the mailbox to be collected by him at he end of the day.

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