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Isolation singlets

Isolation singlets have proven themselves as hard-wearing, wash beautifully - an essential for all year round Trendy retro colours to team up with tee or skivvy. An all over woven look. Hardwearing, designed to travel with baby. A good size, 98 x 72cm Colours: natural, Navy, Plum Red, Moss Green, Tussock and Cornflower. Ideal to keep warm under a gown, for bedtime or in the stroller. Bright colours to team up with a jumper or cardigan. These have proven themselves as hard-wearing and an essential for new baby, all year round. This cardigan has been very popular and looks great with its pretty picot edge and roll collar 3 button. A cosy everyday Cardigan it has a great feel to it and will be hardwearing with a lovely cable detail. Gorgeous chunky detail cardigan with 3 white daisy buttons in lovely plum red Fun loose fitting cardigan in two colour choices.

Another wee chap prefers to drag his crawlers around with him rather than wearing them, enjoying the touch. The little girl sitting under the clothes line awaiting her blankie to dry and being reunited. Of the grandmother who cried when she opened our gift box of a hand knitted heirloom shawl, she was delightfully surprised buying an unseen product. A smart favourite, but also limited in colours and sizes our Baa Baa Blankets alongside our plunket pattern singlets still remain our most popular sellers and being machine washable is a bonus. Selling Isolation, whether it is to an expectant mum, an excited grandparent or for a special gift is always a joy and an emotional experience for some. We hope you get just as much enjoyment out of our products as we do growing the fibre for you.

Farming for fibre excellence has been in our family background for many generations and for this reason Isolation is a truly unique story. By careful selection we process our best fleeces from the woolshed to be carded and spun into our specialist knitting yarn. The construction of this is six threads spun into one, producing a hardwearing but soft finished garment.

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